She want the marriage back

From my inbox……….. I am confused

Abefe, I never thought this would happen to me. 6years ago i broke up with my wife/kids mother in which the break up was very bad and messy. She took me to court and we got a divorce. Two years ago i met this wonderful lady via Facebook and we have been fine since then, as a matter of fact, i went to Nigeria last October and we did our introduction which was really nice and due to get married soon this year.

Towards the end of last year i noticed that my kids mother started calling me profoundly, sending me messages on how she and the kids are missing me. At first i thought i was dreaming, would go there to spend time with the kids as previously i was only allowed to have them every other weekend and half of the summer holidays but this time, she want me there every weekend. She shocked me few days ago, she started crying begging me that we should come back together. In shock i jumped out of my skin because this was a woman that i have never seen cry before, she got the kids around me and they were all there begging me to give their mum another chance.

Abefe, really i don’t want to go back to this woman but now that she has gotten the kids involved, what do i do? I am engaged to be married to this other lovely lady that has completed my world for the past few years but i also don’t want to disappoint my kids. What do you suggest please?

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  1. For Realllllll?

    I beg, please get this straight, there is a place and time for kids and relationship/marriage, your kids will grow up and leave you to pick up the pieces when you are old and their mother not there again…. Yes i believe people do change but hey, you have raised another woman’s hopes. I AM SORRY, KIDS OR NO KIDS, THAT IS A DEAD MARRIAGE, JUST MOVE ON. Believe me, when your kids are old enough they will understand whats up.

    That is why they say you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it…. Let her be…. Carry on with your new marriage…. Its like me now begging my ex husband to come after he’s already in another marriage/relationship, I must be mad be that………. tell her you are now fully with someone else and that is where your heart is………………….. In her next life, she will think twice before making that irrational decision…..FINITO

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