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They do get tired eventually

From my bbm contact….

IMG_20150302_152617So true, they do get tired of it and then move on and no matter how much you try to get them back, THEY MAY NEVER COME BACK…… So treat those who love you VERY RIGHT from the beginning

When they walk away, it doesnt mean that they no longer love you, they just decide to find someone else who is ready for REAL and TRUE love and the one who won’t play mind games….

When they are gone, THEY ARE GONEEEE

Who are you?

IMG_20141209_071324I love the words on this picture so much because it says exactly what I was telling one of my proposed koko masters yesterday… Yes I am Abefe, yes I am known by few people, yes i come from a little popular family, BUT realistically, don’t you think you really need to know me beyond what people have tagged me?

I was once tagged a very bad girl just because I don’t take nonsense but beyond the titles that others have given me, WHO AM I”….

In Nigeria where I come from people have all sorts of titles, even here on Facebook many have been given titles they dont deserve and here in the UK where 99.9% are only known amongst their party crews, they have been given outrageous titles. Continue reading Who are you?

Devil and Nigerian men

devil and 9ja men


Picked this from a bbm contact and so glad it was a male contact BUT I have an objection to it, what about Nigerian women, does it mean we are saints?

I strongly believe that both Nigerian men are women are in need of serious attitude change because our love for money/wealth plus what will people say syndrome are that has eaten into our bones and stopped up from acquiring necessary wisdom to live life with utmost integrity….

Too many Nigerians lacks integrity and that has got nothing to do with gender, its about our upbringing, what we believe to be norms and excuses not to change …

My opinion, it’s not necessary that you should buy it…. Both Nigerian men and women have that relationship lies in them, it is evidence in the children we are breeding now …

Give yours if you think otherwise…..