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Change is necessary!!!

Whatever your spouse is complaining about you would have also been noticed by others that are not in relationship with you and therefore have no reason to correct you or bring it to your attention…. Therefore, look into those complaints and make a better you out of it.

A spouse that’s not willing to change is a spouse that doesn’t want the progress of his or her relationship/marriage ….

If he or she doesn’t or cannot point out your flaws, why are you then in a relationship or marriage? Maybe you are only helping each other out in the sexual department or payment of mortgage/bills/rent etc…

Accepting corrections and changing for the better is a mark of honour in someone that respects himself or herself….


Habits! Habits!! Habits!!!

Majority of the things we do have no basis, they are just habits that we are always looking for reasons to justify out of stubbornness or laziness to do the right things.

As you grow in KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM AND UNDERSTAND you will begin to understand this, whilst as you grow in age, you may never grasp it…..

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding is the key. You are not living on earth to SATISFY another human but to LOVE others, so stop tying yourself to the ideas that has no true basis other than destruction and stagnancy.


Anger, Bitterness and Cancer

Bitterness, anger, aggression, hatred and jealousy are other forms of cancer and they do eventually do turn to real life diagnosed CANCERS.

Release those you hate, detach yourself from bitterness, enjoy what you have and appreciate those who are living better than you.

Dont kill yourself over someone you can’t fanthom why he or she is always happy, don’t become sad over someone that’s getting on with his or her life, don’t make a big deal out of things that don’t really matter and most importantly, don’t allow yourself to be used by those who are not after peace. Segregate yourself from backbiters, bitterness carriers, bad news feeders and negative livers …. YOU DON’T NEED THEM AROUND YOU NOR IN YOUR LIFE.

Don’t cause Cancer to start growing in you if you can avoid it.

As unrecognized as stress is, it has been linked to many forms cancer, and things that causes stress range from jealousy, anger, bitterness, greed, selfishness, hatred etc.

Save your life, love your soul.


Wrong People

The price you pay for being friends with wrong people or dating the wrong person is too much of consequences to face – you are far better off being on your own until God bring your way that lovely man/woman or friend that will be a soul mate…..

Too much danger in having wicked, gullible, greedy and self centered friends or partner….

Spend more time with God (doesn’t mean at church or mosque, ON YOUR OWN, ALONE) and YOURSELF instead….


Ignorant and Wisdom

Ignorants and Wisdom….. Two opposite ends

I watched a video on YouTube of a TV interview conducted by FOX TV, it is amazing to see how the publisher of that video could twist what was said in the interview to gain publicity and to my surprise, many ignorant minds left barbaric comments that only displayed their natural feelings towards the person instead of picking the truth out of the video….

The koko of this post is this choose your argument carefully this week and choose the circle you are seating, you don’t need to get involved in all arguments, they don’t like your WISDOM view, too bad, just move on…..

The answer of an intelligent/wise person to a controversial question will always sound/seem wrong to a foolish/ignorant mind.

A fool or ignorant person will argue so badly to prove to you that a rumour he or she did not even witness is true, so please this week, with full determination, discern ignornats around you if you truly want to keep your peace

Gain wisdom and remain in peace, you need to stay away from ignorants …


How have you used your experiences

Ask those that have made life changing mistakes and have managed to turn it around positively for advice/opinion and not those that have come out of their ordeals with bitterness, anger, self centredness and greed….

Wisdom is only in how we have used the foolishness of this world to make our lives and that of others much much better ….