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Moving in together abroad

Moving in together syndrome abroad….

Please ladies and gentlemen living abroad, before you allow your man or woman to move in with you before marriage, first sort out the following:

1. Am I just doing him or her a favour?
2. Will I need him or her to be contributing to the household bills now or later?
3. How long will I allow him or her to live without contributing for?
4. If the relationship doesn’t work out, how are you going to kick him or her out?
5. Why am i letting him or her into my house? Is it because he or she is in need of accommodation now or because we have decided to move in together?
6. Does it really make sense to allow him or her to move in?

The koko of this post is this, avoid allowing your girlfriend or boyfriend to move in with you if you are not ready to marry each other yet, don’t feel sorry for him or her because he or she is about to be made homeless, instead, encourage him or her to go and get a room, and support financially if you are able to…..

You don’t get into the rain and start to scream that it is wet……

This year, say no to moving in together if you are not ready to get married yet….


Let people call you wicked and let him or her say you don’t love her or him, YOU ARE ONLY SAVING YOURSELF FUTURE HEAD AND HEARTACHE especially with Nigerians, the story will surely get worse because majority of them don’t like to contribute and they will eventually turn you into zombie the moment you start asking for their own contributions or you want to take the relationship to the next level ….


The fear of God…..

Matured Discussion ….

The fear of God…..

Good to see that many wrote ” not having the fear of God” when naming three things you dont need in a relationship/marriage..

My question is this, what is the fear of God?

You want someone that fears God, what are the things that will evidenced that in your so called spouse/partner?

Do ‘YOU’ yourself have the fear of God in you?…..

How do/can you KNOW what you DON’T have?

The fear of God, how can you quantify it?


Is he under any obligation?

A lady moved in with her boyfriend of 6months; she was not working when she moved in but two months after she got a part time job and started earning.

She doesn’t know how much her boyfriend earns in salary and he has never ASKED her to contribute to household expenses. Six months into her job, she needed give her siblings some money for their upkeep but she didn’t have enough and she’s confused on whether to ask her boyfriend for it or not. She is also a full time student.

The question is this:
1. Should she ask him?
2. Is he under any obligation to assist?