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Challenges and Wishes …..

Never allow your challenges to decide what you can and can’t do , HOWEVER, never be so ambitious that you will shy away from life’s realities in which your challenges has thrown into your baggage…

Challenges can be worked around if wisdom is applied but over ambitious or self centeredness could cause one not achieve anything meaningful at all….

Have a fab week…..

Bless …..

Think before you have it….

Think before you have it…..

We are now living in a world where more and more women are becoming single parent and it is therefore becoming barbaric, painful and gross.

Every woman in this millennium must know that having a child even in wedlock must be seriously planned and must never be about cultural or religion beliefs or JUST SELF WISH. E.g. “I just love children”, stop being a fool, just loving children doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your number six when having them. Many women both married and single are now having to cater for their children singlehandedly and it is not a good start for any child.

Understandable if you lose your husband to death, but anything outside of that is pathetic and that is why every single woman need to know why they want to have a child and WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILD’S UPKEEP. Yes you are married, but when I was married, I was the only one financing the children and there are many homes like that. My sister who advised me then to have another child so my daughter won’t be the only child is yet to give that child (my son) £50 in the whole of the 12years the boy has been living.

People are quick to say “don’t let your child be the only one, at least have another”, but they will never be there to assist you when the other person you have the children with is no more in your life. I was told to try for a son, now I have the son, none of those who advised are yet to contribute a dime to the life of my son, NOT EVEN A BIRTHDAY CARD.

I was desperate to have a child in my marriage DUE TO CULTURAL BELIEFS, if I know then what I know now then, maybe I wouldn’t have had any children. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children to bits but the truth is, I NEVER WISHED NOR DREAMT THAT THEY WOULD GROW UP WITHOUT A RESPONSIBLE FATHER.

Close your VAGINA, TIE YOUR WOMB, SEEK LOVE NOT CHILDREN AND CHILDREN WILL FOLLOW WITH EASE. Marriage is not about just having children, it is about love and companionship and children, IF YOU CAN GIVE THEN QUALITY OF LIFE. Sex in marriage is for pleasure and child bearing and there is NO LAW OR RULE IN HEAVEN TO SAY, IF YOU DONT HAVE A CHILD/REN, YOU WONT GET TO HEAVEN. As a matter of fact, you may end up in hell for not being a responsible mother or father.

Loan yourself some brain, you are on your own. Children would tie you down and dont ever blame them when they leave you, as the bible says “wife leave and cling to her husband” and vice versa. And it didn’t say “CLING TO HER CHILDREN”.


Children are not ornamental pieces, not decorations, they are in your career to be nurtured and PAMPERED, not for hawking or beating or as slaves ….


Our children….

Our children….

One thing I have found revolting and abnormal is how people manipulate their children to hate others as a result of the nonsense or rubbish they have installed in their minds…

Telling your children bad things about their mother, father, your friends, sisters, brothers or your parents is not the best way to teach them forgiveness, especially when all you have told them is half baked stories. Nothing pointing out what and where you also wronged them.

It has become a common occurrence with many so called men and women of God getting involved in bringing down families.I implore you today to please learn how to leave your children out of any strife or argument you may have with anyone. You are not building these children’s lives positively, instead, you are making their future to become obscure and unsettled. Allow them to discover people’s behaviour. Give them the basics, general rules on how to live life with greatest peace.

I lived with those who told me nothing good about others and today, I regret ever living with such demonic people and these are people that treat their own children like eggs. What they said around me created fear and anger towards the people that don’t even have any thoughts towards me.

To find out why a family is crumbling, ask the women living their or the women that are from the family; and the men that find joy in finding excuses to cover their bad tracks.

Stop using your children as a weapon of mass destruction, you are only killing your children’s future indirectly because they would become paranoid and allergic to those that can be good to them. They will also develop unexplainable bitterness to those around them just because they want to fight the battle they know nothing about its genesis.

Children of this millennium are not stupid, they are more clever than the latest laptops or mobile phones so allow them to fish the TRUTH out without you fabricating the stories to them.

Let your children grow up in love, as all the things you sow in them will eventually cause them to hate each other at some point also ….

Happy Sunday…. Bless



To be procrastinating is a dangerous habit, its a personal tool to indefinite destruction. It is a time ticking bomb that when it decides to blow up, it will be when you least expect it.

This week I was faced with issues that I had procrastinated for months and few for years. My brain and heart went into a panic mode. I lost my mental, physical and emotional strength and stability. They were issues that would have taken me less than few phone calls, few hours of letter writing and some discipline for few weeks or maximum two months, but yeah, I procrastinated them all, and this week, day after day, hour after hour, they all haunted me like ghosts and as if I had committed a crime. And to make matters worse, drink poured of my phones, lost my cardigan and my bank card, thank God for the good samaritan, who left it at the bus stop where I got on looool…. Hhhmmmm another unexpected disaster.

What is the koko of this post?

If not for the wisdom i have gathered over the years, I would have had this horrible feelings that my family’s past/curse was haunting me or some evil people were the cause and knowing me years ago, I would have called God knows how many pastors, alfas, prophets and herbalists to find out why everything happened. But to God be the glory, I accepted my nonsense behaviour, learnt from them and started making necessary corrections. Knowing fully well that the consequences now would be greater because i will need to pay higher penalties.

What am saying to you is this, what is required of you today is what is required of you, leaving it till tomorrow means, you are accumulating more pain and work load for yourself tomorrow. These are easily done but when the consequences start to rain in with thunder storms, YOU WILL ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME.

Procrastination is a deadly disease that works like high blood pressure. It stops you from doing the necessities whilst concentrating on things that won’t elevate or improve your well-being or your life.

You have things to do, you are on facebook for hours, you have assignments to write, you are watching TV. You have people to call to resolve important matters, you are jisting with your friend that wont run away. You have places in your house to clean, you are busy arguing over nonsense issues. You have issues in your relationship/marriage, you are busy telling others about it when you suppose to be talking it out with your spouse and embarking on doing things to make it work. Hhhmmmm


Start making hays whilst the sun is still shining…. It’s your life, you will be the one to pick up the pieces.

It’s all about self discipline, START disciplining yourself if truly you want to grow in wisdom and become successful…

Procrastination is cancerous.


Pass and Fail with Success…

Part of success is to lose & fail at some point. If you are yet to fail, then you are yet to have a full success story as failure will direct you to greater height and it will place you in a position of wisdom to become an inspiration to others.

Failing is not the end of the world, it’s always the beginning of a greater thing – if you are able to pick yourself up again.

Intelligent and Relationship

Intelligent and relationship.

Before you argue what is sensible with anyone, make sure their level of intelligent is as high as yours, or else you will become an ignorant or nuisance during the discussion.

People set in their ways are the most difficult people to marry or date so choose your spouse also based on their level of intelligent or else you will not enjoy such union.

Education is brilliant, experience is fabulous and riches is wonderful but if you have all these and you are lacking an inch of common sense, God given HOLY SPIRIT and wisdom, most times you will be talking out of your ass instead of your mouth.

Get wisdom, acquire godly understanding and most importantly, DONT LIVE ACCORDING TO THE NORMS OF THIS WORLD.

You want a peaceful marriage/relationship ensure that your spouse has got the intelligent and wisdom to apply plain common sense. Many unions are breaking down today as a result of lack of WISDOM and intelligent.

Remember, a spouse that is willing to learn godly things is better than a spouse that believe he or she have seen it all.



Sexual Urge and Love

Sexual Urge and Love..

(1). If you are desperate for sex or your sex urge is high, how you feel about the person you are with or just met will be different after sex and you will most likely lose the love and affection after having sex with the person until next time you are in that urgency state again.

(2). The person you TRULY LOVE BEFORE SEX will remain special to you even after sex, you will not lose the affection or the care. Every thing about the person should and would be exactly the way it was before sex.

Sex don’t make you love someone more, it only makes you fantasize more about the person.

Fantasy is not love and majority of the time, it’s a sign that you are LUST .


Remember, there is an hormone in our body that releases love/affection feeling from time to time so if you meet someone when that hormone is at work, you will surely be used to satisfy the urge. Thinking about it, have you had sex with someone before and after sex you felt different or the person changed towards you? It’s that sexual desire hormone that was at work not real love.

You cannot or I should say, it will be extra difficult to fall in love with someone you sexually like UNTIL YOUR LIFE HAS EXPERIENCED REAL LIFE CRISIS.   (Come and prove me wrong on that if you have your facts).

Sex before you TRULY FALL IN LOVE with someone is just a test drive.



Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses…..

Marriage or relationship should ALWAYS be a bed of roses if you are truly in it for the right reasons.

Because you have your odd disagreements now and again doesn’t mean it should be a bed of spikes, BUT if your marriage or relationship is NOT mutually defined, then you will experience the saying “marriage is not a bed of roses”.

Remember the good old adage, ‘THE WAY YOU LAY YOUR BED YOU LIE ON IT’, it means exactly that. Be the orchestra of happiness and peace in your marriage or relationship. Stick to your vows, RESPECT each other without barriers. Be open with each other without reservations; bring into your relationship something called HUMILITY. Avoid everything your spouse dont like a plague without it interfering with GOD’S principles. Remove all manmade principles and norms and reconcile with those things that are right and just.

Marriage/relationship are to be ENJOYED and NOT TO BE ENDURED. When you begin to endure what you should be enjoying, you have indirectly lost the flavour that made it sweet and beautiful in the first place. The only time you need to practice ENDURANCE in your marriage/relationship is when it has to do with your relationship/marital vows that says “in sickness and in health”….. You also need to practice ENDURANCE in “for richer for poorer” BUT when your spouse is lazy, irresponsible and defrauding others that is wrong., no one should have to endure a lazy, irresponsible and defrauding partner THAT IS NOT READY TO CHANGE. A relationship that you have been honest with each other FINANCIALLY can be easily endured and in turn enjoyed.

A spouse that put him or herself first in the financial aspect of a relationship will end up making his or her partner to sleep on a bed of spikes.

If finance doesn’t break your relationship, bad habits will. And if bad habits doesn’t break your marriage, DISHONESTY will. So, remove bad habits, DISHONESTY and financial greed that brings about laziness and selfish reasoning.

The power to make your relationship/marriage a bed of roses is in your hands…. USE IT.


Your Fears

Things you fear the most.

Whatever you fear the most will ALWAYS torment you in your dreams.

Whatever you continue to worry about will ALWAYS cause you lose it through misbehaviour

Whatever you desperately want or need will always cause you to fear and worry.

Bad dreams are as a result of our worries and fears over certain things and they will always manifest in real life through our lack of knowledge or believe that they are real and truly happening.

Put yourself to test by making notes of your dreams and actions during the day. One day when you are happy or in good frame of mind, take the note to a good listener that is full of WISDOM, NOT A SPIRITUALIST if you can avoid it but if you cant make sure the spirituality is endowed with TRUE KNOWLEDGE AND FEAR OF GOD. But the best person to decode your notes will be yourself if you are ready to learn ..

So to do it yourself, make note of the things you want/wished for in life, how you think you can achieve them and what not achieving them may do to you physically (e.g. not having a husband will not make me happy, not having a child of my own will not make me happy etc). In no time, you will see the relationship between your fears, dreams, needs and wants and realise that foundation verse that says “as a you thinketh, so you are”.

You are the product of your thoughts, you will dream and fear negative things you projected and begin to lose on qualities of life because your focus will be on wrong things.

Change your mentality, FREE YOURSELF FROM YOURSELF, accept the true process of life, stop running helter skelter looking for answers when you already have the solution.

Be real with yourself….




Life is full of unexpected miracles/situations and disasters.

We cannot fight or wade off the things that life throws at us but we can develop the wisdom, knowledge and understanding as to their causes, why they occur and why we must learn to endure them when they do occur.

A heart that is always expecting goodness will suffer pains greatly even when it is not needed. We need to understand life’s fundamental truth that says ‘take from the good and from the bad to make a perfect day’. Life gets better when we accept that not everything that we want will be granted and not everything that we dont want will not happen – both the good and bad happen for a reason and reasons best known to God.

In all your adversaries, always remember that the law of Karma supersedes your expectations, wishes or dreams. YOU WILL REAP WHATEVER YOU SOW, NO MATTER HOW ATOMIC OR GIGANTIC IT MAY BE. Guess what? No one is exempted from Karma’s law the same way that no one is excluded from death.

Appreciate today, be there for others and make yourself real enough that you are almost transparent with little or no obscurity.

Life is too short to be drowning yourself in things that will never go six feet under with you…

Live and let live.