Think before you have it….

Think before you have it…..

We are now living in a world where more and more women are becoming single parent and it is therefore becoming barbaric, painful and gross.

Every woman in this millennium must know that having a child even in wedlock must be seriously planned and must never be about cultural or religion beliefs or JUST SELF WISH. E.g. “I just love children”, stop being a fool, just loving children doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your number six when having them. Many women both married and single are now having to cater for their children singlehandedly and it is not a good start for any child.

Understandable if you lose your husband to death, but anything outside of that is pathetic and that is why every single woman need to know why they want to have a child and WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHILD’S UPKEEP. Yes you are married, but when I was married, I was the only one financing the children and there are many homes like that. My sister who advised me then to have another child so my daughter won’t be the only child is yet to give that child (my son) £50 in the whole of the 12years the boy has been living.

People are quick to say “don’t let your child be the only one, at least have another”, but they will never be there to assist you when the other person you have the children with is no more in your life. I was told to try for a son, now I have the son, none of those who advised are yet to contribute a dime to the life of my son, NOT EVEN A BIRTHDAY CARD.

I was desperate to have a child in my marriage DUE TO CULTURAL BELIEFS, if I know then what I know now then, maybe I wouldn’t have had any children. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children to bits but the truth is, I NEVER WISHED NOR DREAMT THAT THEY WOULD GROW UP WITHOUT A RESPONSIBLE FATHER.

Close your VAGINA, TIE YOUR WOMB, SEEK LOVE NOT CHILDREN AND CHILDREN WILL FOLLOW WITH EASE. Marriage is not about just having children, it is about love and companionship and children, IF YOU CAN GIVE THEN QUALITY OF LIFE. Sex in marriage is for pleasure and child bearing and there is NO LAW OR RULE IN HEAVEN TO SAY, IF YOU DONT HAVE A CHILD/REN, YOU WONT GET TO HEAVEN. As a matter of fact, you may end up in hell for not being a responsible mother or father.

Loan yourself some brain, you are on your own. Children would tie you down and dont ever blame them when they leave you, as the bible says “wife leave and cling to her husband” and vice versa. And it didn’t say “CLING TO HER CHILDREN”.


Children are not ornamental pieces, not decorations, they are in your career to be nurtured and PAMPERED, not for hawking or beating or as slaves ….


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