Our children….

Our children….

One thing I have found revolting and abnormal is how people manipulate their children to hate others as a result of the nonsense or rubbish they have installed in their minds…

Telling your children bad things about their mother, father, your friends, sisters, brothers or your parents is not the best way to teach them forgiveness, especially when all you have told them is half baked stories. Nothing pointing out what and where you also wronged them.

It has become a common occurrence with many so called men and women of God getting involved in bringing down families.I implore you today to please learn how to leave your children out of any strife or argument you may have with anyone. You are not building these children’s lives positively, instead, you are making their future to become obscure and unsettled. Allow them to discover people’s behaviour. Give them the basics, general rules on how to live life with greatest peace.

I lived with those who told me nothing good about others and today, I regret ever living with such demonic people and these are people that treat their own children like eggs. What they said around me created fear and anger towards the people that don’t even have any thoughts towards me.

To find out why a family is crumbling, ask the women living their or the women that are from the family; and the men that find joy in finding excuses to cover their bad tracks.

Stop using your children as a weapon of mass destruction, you are only killing your children’s future indirectly because they would become paranoid and allergic to those that can be good to them. They will also develop unexplainable bitterness to those around them just because they want to fight the battle they know nothing about its genesis.

Children of this millennium are not stupid, they are more clever than the latest laptops or mobile phones so allow them to fish the TRUTH out without you fabricating the stories to them.

Let your children grow up in love, as all the things you sow in them will eventually cause them to hate each other at some point also ….

Happy Sunday…. Bless

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