They say the problem shared is half solved and sometimes, whole solved. This app is set up to allow you to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding and to have a good insight into things that are happening around you. They are all real life stories, shared by real people and advice given by real people like yourself.

You can also share your own personal story by sending an email to mystory@realkoko.com. It will be published as soon as possible and you will have the pleasure to read through all the advice and opinions.

Occassionally Abefe Ibadiaran the founder may also give her own advice if asked but be rest assured that from tens or hundreds of comments, you wil be able to gain something substantial that will give you a clearer understanding of your situation, (if only you are open enough to see the positive side of the opinions)

Dont die in silence, share it, no one knows you and you will forvere remain unknown to the readers and those giving advice

Go on, what are you waiting for….

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