Papers or Integrity?????….

Papers or Integrity?????….

Many years ago someone very close to me dated a lazy that we believed was a strong Christian, as a matter of fact she was a loyal member of Deeper life church, no ear-ring, no make up and no trousers, here in UK.

My cousin was a very lovely guy, hard working, monday to friday and uses his saturday to play football whilst the partner/wife goes to church services. Each time i visited them, i always ask the lady how she was coping with a man that is always going to play football and she would say “dont worry, i love him like that, he doesnt drink or smoke or womanise, i like it like that” … ok i said. Continue reading Papers or Integrity?????….

Who should I marry him?

From my inbox….. Who should I marry him?

Aunty Abefe, I have been here in europe for the past 5years and half. Infact I have Tasted what is called suffer and penury..
My sister who brought me to europe ask me to pay her some 20.000euros.. she drove me out of her house and she didn,t even put me through on how to make this money.
She wants me to go into prostitution, i tried it before, only 2weeks the police caught me and GOD saved me that they didn,t depoort me anymore after spending several months in prison. meanwhile i fought all this battle alone, as none of my siblings came to look for me or even took a lawyer for me, they all changed their numbers.. Continue reading Who should I marry him?

How does sex change relationship?

The question is, does sex change a relationship. The answer is, it can. Sex can be intimate. Sex isn’t always intimate, but it can be intimate. Intimacy is a closeness, connection, bond or love shared between two people. When you include intimacy with sex, it can help to bond two people, form a stronger or new connection and may even cause you to love a person more.

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Choose the Right Friends (2)


‘‘Two people are better off than one.’

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Choose the Right Friends (1)

Choose the Right Friends (1)

‘Friends sharpen the minds of each other.’

Proverbs 27:17

Author Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones said, ‘You’re the same today as you’ll be in five years…except for the people with whom you associate and the books you read.’ When it comes to choosing friends, Dr. Charles Townsend says look for: 1) People who influence you to be the person God intended. ‘As iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other’ (Proverbs 27:17 CEV). Relationships are the tools God uses to do this. When you’re with somebody, ask yourself, ‘Do I like who I am when I’m around this person? Am I more open, loving and honest? Or do I not like what I see in myself?’ Choose people who make you a better person. 2) People who provide grace for the energy drain.When you’re empty you need to be refuelled physically, spiritually and relationally. So surround yourself with friends who will listen, encourage and be there for you. 3) People who let you be real. ‘A friend loveth at all times’ (Proverbs 17:17 KJV).

The best relationships are those where you know you’re loved, you’re free to be yourself, you don’t have to put on an act and you can be honest about the difficult aspects of life. There’s comfort and normality in friendships where you can be authentic. 4) People who help you grow in faith. You need friends who encourage you to pray, read the Bible and help you to see the ‘big picture’ concerning what’s important in your life. Ephesians 4:16 talks about operating as a body: ‘All the parts of the body are joined and held together. Each part does its own work to help the whole body grow and be strong with love’ (NCV). Don’t try to do it alone. Reach out to friends who’ll reach back.


He’s got two more …..

From my inbox….. He’s got two more

Good day sister Abefe, I am at a cross road right now and don’t know where to turn to. I met my husband about 15years ago who had one child from a lady he doesn’t see anymore when I met him. One year into our relationship I instisted that he must contact the lady so that he can be a responsible father to his child and he did. He visit his child and gives money every month.

Sister Abefe, we got married about 11years ago with three kids now but to my surprise, about a month ago someone contacted me saying my husband has got two more kids with his baby mother. Sister Abefe, in shock i followed the lady on Facebook to make sure she’s the one and yes she had got three kids with my husband. My husband don’t go partying, very reserved and only go to his child/ren every month. The kids are older than my children and can’t believe this has actually happened to me.

I don’t know what I want to say or what question to ask i just think I need to cry out somehow. Sister Abefe, please talk to me, I am losing my sanity

In all things, give thanks….

In all things, give thanks….

The most difficult times to give thanks to God are when are sick, broke, poor, powerless, in vulnerable position or condition, when no one seems to love or care about us and when we find ourselves entangled in life’s unexplainable predicaments…

Over the past few years I have learnt to see death as the best option or alternative to living because it’s an unavoidable end that we must all go through at some point in life but most importantly it has stopped the spirit of fear from hunting me like a plague especially since the death of my sister last year.. Continue reading In all things, give thanks….

I am glad I kept the baby…

From my inbox…… Testimony…

Hi aunty, remember me? I sent you a message sometime late last year. I told you I fell pregnant on the marina coil and I really needed help to get rid of the pregnancy. I later called and explained to you how my husband and i had plans not to have any more kids as we were already satisfied with our lovely boys.
You encouraged me then to keep the baby, making me believe it is a blessing in disguise. I took to your advice despite the fact that it was really difficult for me.Here I am today with the most beautiful gift of all, a precious and adorable baby girl. Infact, I love her more than myself. Thank you aunty for those words of wisdom and encouragment you gave me. God bless your household

I cannot thank God enough for what he’s doing on this group/forum…, Lord let thy name be glorified..

And continue to bless this family and be their pillar forever. She didn’t want to go ahead but you helped her to get through it and may your help continue in the this family and make the joy permanent in Jesus name….. Amen